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Banana Diet Review: Plan for Weight Loss Results

However, do the morning banana diet results match expectations?

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According to its inventor, Sumiko Watanabe, those on the diet must eat nothing but bananas for breakfast and wash them down with milk.

Lunch should consist of another banana, perhaps with a side salad, and snacks should be nothing but more bananas.

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To drink, the person is allowed water only. Dinner can be anything you like, but desert can only be—of course—more bananas.

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Dinner should be eaten prior to 8 p. If there was a single food to favor to the exclusion of others, you could do a lot worse than slim fast fat burner recenzii banana.

Hcg doză pastile de dietă Dieta pentru a slim down rapid. You can exercise at home or at the gym. With a lot of people on the planet seeking cea mai rapidă pastilă de dietă sigură slim downthe fat burning medicine market is always visiting be solid.

Bananas are rich in vitamins, especially Vitamins C and B6. A typical banana will also meet approximately 3 percent of your daily protein requirements. Dietary Fiber Bananas are high in dietary fiber.

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Dietary fiber is important to those watching their waistlines because of the way it affects digestion of other substances. Dietary fiber resists breakdown in the gut, and has the effect of pulling along other food material before the full caloric value can be extracted from it.

Nutritionists and dietitians agree that most people who are looking to lose weight and who are currently eating a typical Western diet should modestly increase their intake of dietary fiber.

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Resistant Starch Bananas are also higher than most foods in a kind of fiber known as resistant starch. The human digestive tract has a hard time breaking down starches.

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Resistant starch, as its name implies, is more resistant than most. As it rests in the stomach, resistant fiber ferments.

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Dietary fiber and resistant starches also have the effect of bulking up the mass of food in the stomach, which prolongs the feeling of fullness and reduces the temptation to snack between meals.

Lack of Controls Another issue some have taken with the diet is the dictum that bananas are so healthy that you can eat as many as you like.

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In fact, bananas generally range from sixty to calories each. It is also not known how the requirement for room-temperature water came about or why.

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Japan even suffered an acute banana shortage as word spread rapidly on the strength of dramatic first-person testimonials. More thanbooks have been sold on the subject, and it has gained a certain popularity in the US as a result of slim fast fat burner recenzii promotion among diet experts on television and the Internet.

The US is not alone in this. Bananas, water, and milk have become popular weight-loss aids across Europe, Australia, and South Africa. The diet has gotten favorable notices in papers around the world.

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Time will tell, however, whether the diet has the substance it needs to live up to the high hopes it encourages among people the world over.