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When Windows is installed, these settings are in most cases not optimized for the Internet or for your particular network connection and actually prevent you from reaching maximum download and upload slimming windows 10.

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Previously, there was no simple way to edit these settings manually without dangerously exploring and modifying the Windows registry by hand, however Internet Accelerator now makes it easy for anyone to reach maximum performance with a slimming windows 10 clicks.

Disable unless you know you need it.

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Energy Efficient Ethernet: Disabled may use slightly more power, but will prevent conflicts with switches, routers, or modems that do not use this feature appropriately Flow Control: Disabled TCP has its own flow control, and slimming windows 10 can cause conflicts. UDP usage is rare enough that a dropped packet should not cause any impact.

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Interrupt Moderation: Disabled Groups packets before sending them. Unless your CPU is struggling, this is undesirable Jumbo Frame: Disabled Unless you know you are using the machine as a server with jumbo frame support, this is not desirable.

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This is a setting for Interrupt Moderation, and will be ignored if Interrupt Moderation is disabled. Unlikely to affect latency.

Network Address: Not Present.

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The Windows Operating System handles this. Increasing this setting will cause your network adapter to use more RAM for processing received data, but may improve performance.

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Experiment with your specific machine. May not affect latency at all. Only relevant if you intend to use Wake-on-LAN when the machine is shut down.

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Most BIOSes do not support this. Might cause the computer to wake unexpectedly when enabled. Will otherwise revert to Mbps link speed.

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Unless your CPU is struggling, this is undesirable Transmit Buffers: Increasing this setting will cause your network adapter to use more RAM for processing transmit data but may improve performance. This setting will not affect latency.


Will not affect latency, and may cause the machine to wake unexpectedly when enabled. This registry keyword also applies to later versions of Windows Server.

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To avoid complicated cases and unrealistic cases that are not implemented in actual hardware where the number of available hardware receive queues is less than the number of RSS CPUs, administrators must not set the MaxNumRssCpus value to slimming windows 10 value that is greater than Therefore, any changes to the MaxNumRssCpus registry value require a restart to take effect.